Get to know your account manager’s first name for chargeback protection

Chargeback protection for merchants is hard to come by, but for business it is critical, especially since Covid. The travel industry is no exception. With long lead times of bookings  & cancellations, chargebacks have been a constant problem and escalating.

Solution 1 – Know your merchant account manager’s first name and have that same person deal with all your chargebacks

A whopping 81% of customers freely admit to filing a chargeback out of simple convenience. How can you protect yourself as a business? The reality is chargebacks are not going away. What you do have control over is how you handle them.

In the travel industry, people purchase and travel in 3+ months’ time, which makes chargebacks high risk because of this time gap. Have you spent hours on chat and the phone only to repeat yourself to someone new? It can be frustrating and needless time lost.

The solution is having a single point of contact who deals with all your chargebacks. Refreshing idea, right? At JJS Global, we want to save you time, frustration and easily help manage your chargebacks. We want you to know your account manager’s first name.

Solution 2 – Manage chargebacks each month

If you think chargebacks won’t impact your bottom line, think again. At the current rate, friendly fraud will cost merchants upwards of $25 billion a year by 2022.

The risk of not managing chargebacks easily leads to being out of compliance in 3 months. No one wants to deal with that hassle. The real impact comes if you breach your threshold, and your merchant account holds your reserves for 6 months. This can make or break a business, especially in the travel industry.

Your dedicated JJS Global account manager works with you every month so you are not in this position. Our chargeback protect system which offers quick time alerts and a platform to easily manage all your chargebacks. Our customers love this feature to help manage chargebacks.

Solution 3 – Increase your processing power

Get up and running, and stay running. That’s how we help our clients. We specialize in helping the travel industry overcome the typical ‘high risk’ status other merchant processors give you.

We work together to increase your overall monthly volume. This means more travel related bookings and more revenue.

By using multiple accounts, you can also allocate your sales to your different accounts to cut your monthly volume. To reduce risk, we help you get a second bank, with the same credit terms. The result? Now you have doubled your processing power.

A merchant making a difference for the travel industry

In the travel industry, you are met with an instant sticker of ‘High Risk’ and chargeback misery. We want to make this better for you, and our specialized merchant services for the travel industry do exactly that.

You will talk to the same person, your account manager, each time you call in. We have great team members, we help those in the travel industry succeed online.

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