Reselling timeshares come with many challenges, especially when it comes to processing payments. At JJS Global, we can help consumers purchase a timeshare with RCI points through your business. You need a flexible, secure payment gateway with:

  • Competitive bank/ISO processing rates
  • Next day funding
  • Pre-authorization features
  • Fraud prevention
  • Streamlined online management
  • Customized online reporting and data collection

Our goal is to provide you with the exact payment processing tools you need, freeing you to do what you do best — running your business.

Five Considerations When Choosing a Payment Gateway

Security: JJS Global’s payment gateway is reliable, secure and simple to use. It’s perfect for travel transactions when your customers want one-click options that keep them safe from skimmers and hackers. 

Our JJS Global Gateway is a validated PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This is the industry’s highest level of certification. JJS Global is reviewed every year to ensure we maintain the highest compliance. We are proud to be on Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers and Mastercard’s Compliant Service Provider List.

Payment Methods and Currency: Some timeshare and RCI Points payment gateways limit currencies to limit their own risk. But that means you’re also limiting the customers who can buy from you.

That doesn’t happen at JJS Global. Our multi-currency program allows you to process and convert up more than 100 different currencies worldwide — easier for your customers, and easier for you.

Customer Service: Our customer service team is U.S.-based, so you’ll always speak to someone in your time zone.

Our service is so personal, you’ll feel like you’ve gained a great employee in your business — and in a way, you have! Every client gets a designated relationship manager, who will take the time to get to know you and your business. 

Set-Up Time: In a hurry? No worries! JJS Global can issue credentials for our gateway the same day you apply.

Price: Probably the biggest consideration, especially since businesses related to travel are considered high risk. To limit their own risk, banks and other financial institutions can be very expensive. JJS Global basic costs are traditionally lower than average, compared to other payment gateway industries.

Our experienced team is ready to help you with the challenges of timeshare and RCI Points payment processing. Partner with us and discover for yourself why over 10,000 businesses have chosen JJS Global. Pre-approval is easy and free — just click here.

Want To Avoid Chargebacks, Held Reserves & Closed Accounts? No Problem.

Need a High Risk Merchant Account? If your business is legal, we can probably help. Click the button now to get pre-approved today. 

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