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JJS Global offers customized payment solutions so that no matter the problem, we have the fix. Our platform empowers merchants with the financial flexibility to stay on top of a fast-paced market. 

Our loyalty programs will help you stand out from your competitors without breaking the bank.

You deserve to grow without financial roadblocks in your way, and we’re here to help.

Explore our range of customer incentives and promotion tools to see how we can help you get creative when it comes to beating the competition. 

Boost Your Business With Customer Incentive-Driven Promotions Using Our Pre-Paid Cards

Thinking about launching a promotion to grow your business? We offer a multitude of options and the support you need to get it up and running. Whether your aim is to launch new products, offer customer referral programs, fulfil rebates, host a contest or giveaway, we offer a range of options that are convenient and efficient to use. These features do wonders for growing sales and brand loyalty, tracking user engagement and purchasing trends, and allow you to run multiple promotions with ease. Our Pre-Paid Cards create the perfect incentive for customer engagement and are easy to redeem and use, even accessible for online purchases. We also offer the option to customize the cards so that they can be used to boost your brand image at every opportunity.

Reward Your Hardworking Staff And Foster Brand Loyalty

JJS Global has created an economical alternative to regular employee incentive payment methods of payroll, commission or cheques. Instead, give them incentive cards with dynamic custom branding for your company to reduce attrition and increase efficiency. Your employees will be able to access their funds instantly and use them for purchases online or at any ATM worldwide. This feature is the perfect way to cut down on unnecessary costs and track payments with ease. You’ll be able to pay employees all over the world with a click of a button and rest assured knowing those who work for you feel valued and motivated to grow as employees.

Solutions For Public Sector Payments

Do you work in the social improvement sector or government? We can set you up to save thousands in time and money by streamlining the transition from checks and cash to a cutting-edge electronic payment solution. This will reduce paperwork, cut down on check cashing and reissuing check costs, and allow for enforceable spending policies so funds are better managed. Better yet, your recipients will reap the rewards of being able to use the card anywhere and avoid the social stigma that usually accompanies social benefits. These are also an excellent option during disaster relief due to their ability to be accessed with ease worldwide.

Pay Instantly From Anywhere With Virtual Prepaid Cards

Do you have a rewards scheme you want to get off the ground quickly? Our Virtual Pre-Paid Card System is the perfect resource, designed to suit your specific needs by working for a wide variety of programs and being extremely efficient and cheap to access. With this system in place, you’ll be able to track redemption and user engagement and recipients will be able to redeem rewards instantly, both over the phone and online. Since they’re virtual, the cards have no production costs and won’t take up valuable inventory in your warehouse. They’re also created with smaller budget programs in mind so there are no roadblocks preventing you from achieving the results you strive for.

Show Your Customers That You Care By Converting Their Loyalty Points To Cash

We can help you set up a flexible, efficient system with “currency” tailored to your brand that distributors, customers and staff can convert to cash. This will do wonders for encouraging return customers. It allows them to accumulate points for completing the action you choose and then convert them to cash whenever they choose. We’ve set this up from a customer-driven approach and made it easy to use this cash wherever they please so that your loyalty system is meaningful for all parties involved.


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