Opening an Online Store to Support your Retail Location

A successful entrepreneur always asks ‘How can I better serve my customers’?

If your business is in retail, e-commerce offers the ideal solution as well as offering multiple benefits to both buyer and seller.

Setting up an e-commerce store has become an easy process as the forerunners of the digital marketplace have paved the way and rectified possible pitfalls.

Choosing the right e-commerce merchant is critical to the outcome of your online venture. Partnering with JJS Global ensures a smooth and efficient online process where you can rely on our expertise and our proven track record.

E-commerce Benefits

Accessibility is the driving force behind e-commerce. Not only can an online store attract customers who are beyond the reach of a retail location, it also gives customers the ability to shop 24/7, thus increasing purchase opportunities well beyond the scope of a physical store.

Convenience is an added advantage allowing customers to shop in the comfort of their homes at a time convenient to them.

Abundant online marketing options gives owners the ability to target an ever-increasing customer base. Digital advertising remains far cheaper than traditional advertising and simple emailing can also be used as a marketing tool. Tapping into social media platforms not only widens the scope of your audience but works as a cost-effective way to advertise. The ability to track customers’ actions and view purchasing patterns leads to better-informed marketing decisions, for example, creating incentives and customer loyalty programs.

An online presence saves on both rental and staff costs required for a physical store, and storing products is not limited to the amount of available physical space.

Low Cost, Low Risk 5 Step Process

  1. Business Plan

As with any business, an online store requires a solid framework. This should include the basics like financing, marketing, and maintenance. At JJS Global we offer solid financial services which include digital payment processing and gateway services, all designed to streamline your online business. Investing with a solid company with a proven track record, like JJS Global, allows you to focus on your customers while we take care of keeping up to date with cutting edge technology as well as changing regulatory requirements. With tailor-made solutions, we make sure your business is risk-free in the digital world.

  1. Building Inventory

Making sure that products are instantly available is the number one priority of any e-commerce store. If you do not wish to finance a warehouse yourself, many companies offer this service as well as shipping options at affordable rates. Each product will require its’ own UPC bar code which can be bought in batches online.

  1. E-commerce Site

A domain name and hosting provider needs to be chosen and set up. A competent website developer will be able to assist you with this process. If you are needing to cut costs, this is a straightforward process which can be done by yourself. Should you decide to employ a web designer, they can assist with this process and design and develop your e-commerce site for you. If you choose to do it yourself there are many templates available to choose from. Either way, decisions will include whether to design an ‘about us’ page and a ‘blog’ section’ which ensures customers return if you provide interesting content.

  1. Launching and Advertising

Once your site has been set up, it is time to launch your e-commerce shop. If you have email addresses for existing clients, email marketing can be set up. There is a wealth of marketing ideas online targeting your specific customers.

  1. Maintenance

Making sure your site is running smoothly is a priority as customers need to experience shopping in a secure environment for them to return as well as recommend your site to others. Managing your inventory as well as keeping abreast of marketing are both critical to your online success.

We at JJS Global make it our business to provide you with the very best support for your e-commerce business. Send us an email at or call us today at 224-535-9462 and we will set up a tailor-made solution for you so that you can concentrate on maintaining happy customers.

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