How Smart Nutraceutical Businesses are Selling More with Fewer Chargebacks

Smart nutraceutical businesses are navigating government regulation, setting up their merchant accounts for maximum return with minimal chargebacks, and seeing fast growth with extended lines of credits. They are achieving this by doing this one thing differently.

Do you sell diet, weight loss, workout or other supplements? Vitamins and other medicinal products? Nootropics, tea or coffee? Or other nutra products?

Like others in your industry, you are probably dealing with chargeback nightmares, difficult regulations, and restrictive advertising rules. Plus, merchant accounts seem to want to limit your success with processing limits. It’s not easy. Our clients were in the same position. Until they did this one thing differently.

How exactly are they selling more nutraceuticals, without getting as many chargebacks? They fixed their payment system. It’s not hard to do, but it sure is effective on their bottom line.

With fewer chargebacks, they see fewer reputation issues, and that leads to easier government approvals, plus they then have an easier time with getting advertising approvals and more ROI.

Would you like to see how they are using all this to rocket their sales?

Get the secret playbook used by the nutra companies crushing online sales.

Inside the Nutra Secret Playbook, get:

  1. Exactly how to determine your weakest point. It might not be what you think.
  2. The 3 steps successful companies are using to radically increase sales online.
  3. The secret new tool used by nutra sellers.

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