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 The 3 Steps Successful Companies are Using to Radically Increase Online Nutra Sales

1. They Handle their Reputation like PROS

Gone are the days of simply sending people to a landing page and getting them to buy. Consumers are smart. They check out your business online, they read reviews. Make sure your reviews show you as a reputable, likeable and professional business.

How to do it:

  • Get the Proof app, or similar, on your online store
  • Follow up with customers with automated emails requested reviews
  • Be active on social media and enable reviews
  • Respond to positive and negative reviews
  • Get influencer endorsements

2. Smarter Payment Processing

Like they say, work smarter not harder. To process more payments and avoiding chargebacks at the same time is the key to any business. The fastest way to get smart with your payment processing is having a secure gateway that actually helps you grow and avoid chargebacks.

One part of smart payment processing you might not think of being important is having a dedicated account manager. By having a dedicated account manager you can now be smart when it comes to payment processing as you have someone standing in your corner every day and keeping an eye out on your account while alerting you if anything pops up and can help remedy the issue immediately rather than jumping through hoops just to get an answer.

3. Diversified Marketing and Advertising

To succeed in selling nutra products today, you need multiple sales channels. It’s no longer enough to dominate on just one channel. Smart nutraceuticals have diversified marketing and advertising.

For example, when a business has really healthy social proof and following on their online presence they are less likely to experience chargebacks and returns because they are seen as a trusted brand. Being omni-present across all platforms keeps your business top of mind to your audience and also starts building on the know, like, and trust factors.

Why you need to dominate on multiple ad platforms:

  • Spread your risk across several sales channels
  • Don’t be at the mercy of Facebook, Google or others changing their rules and stopping your business growing
  • Your audiences are on different platforms, and you need to be too

Here is what our successful clients are doing:

  1. SEO which drives traffic over the long term
  2. Facebook ads gets immediate sales and builds up an audience
  3. Google ads scoops up the low hanging fruit
  4. Solo ads leverage the power of endorsements
  5. Own their own data and not replying on third party platforms such as Shopify


The Secret New Tool Used by Nutra Sellers

Handling chargebacks before they happen, and effectively dealing with them when they do, is key for nutra businesses. Here are JJS Global, we provide a whole new way to manage chargebacks that has literally changed how our clients do business. Here’s what it can do for you.

Chargeback Protection With Chargeback Alerts

How would it change your business if you got a Chargeback Alerts before they happened?

Our clients stop chargebacks for merchants who process customer-not-present (CNP) transactions, and you can too. It will save you on costs, and helps eliminate the risk of fraud. On the off chance it’s attempted, the systems catches it in time for you to know before the order is shipped.

With our Chargeback Protection, you get an automated, secure platform for card issuers and merchants to communicate outside of the payment authorization stream. Plus, you get easy-to-use fraud reports, prevent exposure to penalties, and a dedicated account manager who is always available to solve your issues in a timely manner.

Get back running your business and get chargeback management on auto pilot.

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