Meet Our Team

John Sabatino

Chief Executive Officer / Managing Member

Joey Sanfilippo

Chief Compliance Officer / Managing Member

Megan McKenna

Operations Manager / Sr. Underwriter

Beverly Anderson

Relationship Manager

Rae Pia

Portfolio Manager

Debra Congiusti



Client Satisfaction

At JJS Global, we put our Merchants first, therefore we strive for excellence. We customize programs that work best for client, we offer live customer support and always are driven for first call resolution. Feedback is a crucial part of being able to grow and we handle it with care and the necessary adjustments for the greater good of our business, which are our Merchants.


JJS Global prides itself on integrity. It is important to be upfront and honest in aspects of life, especially business. Treating others with respect is at the forefront of our company.


Pushing ourselves to do better, be better, and offer more to our clients because we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our team is committed and eager to learn and tackle any new and exciting challenges that may arise.

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