ISV’s are useful for offering software solutions that help in streamlining the functions of businesses. The core function of independent software vendors or ISVs includes catering to unique merchant verticals. Clients who are served by software vendors generally expect products from their ISV merchant services to address some critical pain points, benefiting them and others in the typical service chain.

The applications offered should be functional and practical. Moreover, such products are deemed to be of higher value when they can seamlessly work across a spectrum of operating systems and on multiple devices. How can this be realized? The answer lies in making the right choice of a payment partner. Such a partner should be capable of giving proper support and technical help to the clients.

JJS Global Helps You Get the Right Payment Partner

There is a need for all types of businesses to select a partner that complies excellently with PCI demands. Security is paramount. The most important goal is to protect clients from data security threats. The chosen partner for ISV payments should be equal to this task.

It is essential to ensure that the payment partner can give more than ordinary services. A crucial pointer is whether their product incorporates vital elements. This may include hosted payment pages, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption. Such elements shield clients from potential fraud. When considering the right payment partner, it is crucial to go for a customer support team that has a track record and is available.

For decades, ISVs have worked with Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) in the US. They have helped to streamline the operations of countless businessesThey have aided merchants to deliver vital services to businesses and consumers. In recent years, however, a significant shift has occurred in this setup of matters. 

At JJS Global, you can rest assured you are safe. You can trust us to help you pick the right payment partner regardless of the changing dynamics in the modern market. We are the experts in the game of promoting your business.

JJS Global Helps You Move with the Times

In many countries worldwide, including the US, people tend to prefer transactions that are done using credit and debit cards. Cash purchases are gradually becoming obsolete. In the US, cash transactions only make up 10% of the business. Card transactions make up about 40% of the businesses.

Moreover, the use of the EMV standard card is fast gaining currency. Overall, this is considered to be safer than the erstwhile popular swipe and sign cards. A majority of the stores also accept EMV standard cards.

The popularity of online retail, eWallets, and other shifts in the nature of transactions are factors that impact the global merchant services industry. Due to the demand for the new payment options and technological innovation, ISVs and ISOs have increasingly encountered challenges that significantly affect their influence on merchant services and customers.

We, at JJS Global, are tailor-cut to assist you to move with the times. With decades of experience in this business, we can help you counter the challenges associated with moving from the old to the most modern payment methods. Our business enables you to concentrate on your business. That is precisely what we are made for. We specialize in helping other businesses thrive. You can be a beneficiary.

JJS Global Helps You Access the Best ISV Merchant Account

Businesses have plenty of options regarding modern payment facilities. For instance, different methods work well to promote credit card acceptance. Every business is unique. We are here to help you. JJS Global is committed to helping you choose the best ISV merchant account to suit your needs.

On matters of payment, banks are less flexible and costlier than alternative processors like ISOs. ISOs are highly recommended for businesses. Businesses can get an excellent merchant experience from these Independent Sales Organizations. They can commit more resources and time to businesses. With ISOs, each segment can concentrate on their sphere of specialty and, therefore, can work at optimum levels. Yes, ISOs can benefit businesses in many vital areas, including customer support, rates, and technologies. Banks cannot boast of the same ability. 

Your business deserves access to the best merchant account. At JJS Global, we believe you deserve to run your business fully, assured that you have access to the best payment facilities. Send us an email at or call us today at 224-535-9462. You will learn about how we can help you access the best merchant account while you run your own business without hassles.

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