Get The Credit Card Firepower To Accept Currencies From Around The Globe.

Operate seamlessly in over 50 countries by partnering with JJS Global’s network of Merchant acquiring banks.

Once you are approved to work with JJS Global, your business will benefit from shopping cart software, a virtual merchant management center and fraud screening features.

Our team is available for immediate support – hear what Phil, one of our long-time customers says:

“JJS Global is one of the best ISOs I have had the pleasure of working with. During my years in the merchant service industry, no other providers have measured up to JJS Global’s standards in the smooth end-to-end process from application to deployment. In fact, there has never been an issue that support did not cure in a timely manner.”

Getting A Suitable International Merchant Account

The Internet is the best online resource to begin searching for the perfect international merchant account. Shop around to get an idea of the various deals that merchant service firms have to offer. Chose a reputable Payment Service Provider, one that has been in business for at least 3 years, is highly advisable. Make sure the Payment Service Provider is easily reachable by telephone and is quick to reply to your merchant account questions. Make sure you are not paying any application fees for your merchant account. Once your merchant account application has been approved by the merchant acquiring bank, generally speaking, a Merchant account fee is charged. This generally ranges between $500 up to as much as $1000.

General Account Rates

International merchant account rates are assessed on a case by case basis. Online merchants with high monthly sales turnover in excess of $1 million generally pay between 3-4% for their merchant account, whilst start up online merchants and, those online merchants with low monthly sales turnover (less than $50,000 per month) generally receive rate offerings between 4-5% for their merchant account.

What Is The Usual Timeframe For Application Approval?

JJS Global generally receives an answer from one of its’ merchant acquiring bank providers within 3 working days. Upon receiving a merchant account approval notice, a JJS Global Account Manager communicates all the credit card processing terms and conditions of the bank to the merchant. If the merchant accepts the offer, a merchant account contract is emailed to the merchant for them to sign and return the contract back to JJS Global. Live processing can usually start 24-48 hours later.


Applying and processing for a new merchant account is easy and takes a very short time. Send us your request by completing the application below.

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