Can you imagine living a few decades back when the internet did not exist? The current generation cannot conceive that. In the 21st century, the world is a global village. Moreover, the emergence of e-commerce means that you can get whatever you want at the touch of a button.

Unfortunately, the rise of technology has come with new challenges of online fraud. One of the most recurrent and potentially damaging vices is chargeback fraud. What is chargeback fraud?

JJS Global Can Help You Identify Effective Chargeback Prevention Methods

Chargeback fraud is also called friendly fraud. It happens when a customer makes a purchase using a credit card, receives the goods, and then requests a refund from their issuing bank. The customer may cite various reasons for this. In the meantime, the retailer loses both the goods and funds. This happens because the banks usually hold the retailer accountable for such transactions.

Many fraudsters often cite similar reasons to justify a chargeback claim: Failure by the cardholder to authorize the transaction, non-delivery of the item requested, or delivery of items with wrong descriptions.

We, at JJS Global, warmly assure e-commerce merchants that they do not have to incur chargeback losses regularly. We are here to help you avoid that. We want you to attain prosperity using simple, cost-effective methods to deal with this vice.

JJS Global Helps You Enjoy the Benefits of Timeshare Travel Purchases Without Incurring Chargeback Losses

Many people who travel regularly and want to make savings often take advantage of timeshare travel purchases from JJS Global. Timeshare travel purchases are an excellent way to co-own property without spending much. Indeed, using timeshare travel purchases, you can easily acquire a condominium unit or other choice property in an exotic resort.

The options you get from JJS Global are enormous for personal convenience. With timeshare travel purchases, a client can lease property for longer periods using just a few strategic timeshares. As a result, a Merchant should take precautions to avoid incurring chargeback losses. You can use the tips below to enjoy the advantages of timeshare travel purchases without a hassle. Indeed, there are a few simple measures that all online retailers can take to prevent losses arising from chargeback fraud. Consider these four:

Avoid Petty Wars

Every client’s request for a refund is different from another, and those should be honored upon request. But proper reasoning before refunding is very important. Honoring every single request without proper reasoning can jeopardize your business. Use discretion. If the claim is minimal, it is best to refund the customer. In this way, you will retain the client in the run long. In the event that a client does not request a refund, but instead goes directly to their bank and issues a chargeback, you should first try to work with the client and have them remove the chargeback. If that is not possible, then you should dispute the chargeback. Winning a chargeback can go a long way with your payment processor.

Remember that, in case the payment processor determines that your business is at high risk due to frequent chargeback claims, you will suffer penalties. This might include increased fees, held funds, a higher rate of processing, or an account suspension. When such consequences are measured against the advantages of low-value refunds for chargebacks, the latter action is undoubtedly wiser.

Choose the Right Payment Descriptor

How does your business name appear on the statements for the customer credit cards? This is known as the payment descriptor. Your descriptor may be different from your store name. A case in point is when you use a parent company’s name to sign up for a payment processor or merchant account.

You may also have changed the business name. This will affect your descriptor status. The customer may therefore fail to acknowledge the charge, resulting in a chargeback. If you are not sure, run a test transaction on your account to verify the descriptor is coming across correctly. In case you do not know the details of your payment descriptor, ask your payment processor or merchant account servicer.

Choose a Processor that Values Seller Protection

Make sure your payment processor offers impeccable services for fraud detection. Such services include a mechanism to manage disputes through the platform, blacklisting and whitelisting customer’s account numbers, and recovering chargeback losses.

JJS Global is here to help you pick the right payment processor for maximum protection of your business from chargeback fraud.

Review the ‘Card-Not-Present Transactions’

Online purchases are generally categorized as ‘card not present’. Take steps to verify that the person purchasing is indeed authorized to be a cardholder. Use a reputable and verified payment processor. The sale should include full AVS (address verification services).

The importance of the AVS is that it matches the credit card’s company records with the purchaser’s billing address. Additionally, capturing the CVV code is very important. The CVV code, is the 3-4 digit number on the back of the card. Make sure to keep all documents for online sales, deliveries, return policies, sales orders, and any charge documentation with AVS results. This equips you to handle any fraudulent claims.

We, at JJS Global, care much about the security of your business. We want you to be free from all fraudulent claims arising from chargebacks. We are, therefore, ready to furnish you with the best data and latest statistics to help you pick the most accurate payment processor available. Call us now at: 224-535-9462 or send a swift email to We will reply promptly with the most helpful information to keep your merchant account safe.

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