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JJS Global is designed to empower eCommerce merchants facing the challenges of risk, chargebacks, and managing multiple accounts. We’ve consolidated all the tools required to stay on top of this fast-paced industry in one place.

Our cutting-edge platform allows you to have the flexibility required to support various client payment methods whilst minimizing your risk of exposure to fraud. We’ve coupled this with our hierarchy-based reporting tool so that managing multiple accounts is seamless. No more wasting time worrying about finances – we can set you up to have the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business.

I love JJS Global! Not only are Megan and Beverly efficient, responsive and knowledgeable, but they are personable and friendly which makes working with them one of the best parts of my day! I look forward to continuing to work them for a long time to come.


JJS Global Services

Streamlined Membership Services

Manage your membership services in one consistent platform. With JJS Global, customers can register themselves online, process both single transactions and recurring payments, access their payment history, and register multiple accounts. This is perfect for businesses looking to set up client profiles to streamline the process of setting up recurring payments.

Flexible Membership Profiles

These allow merchants to configure multiple membership subscription profiles and allow customers to select the one that suits them best.

This feature does wonders for encouraging repeat customers and creates a seamless check-out experience.

Automated Password Management

Sick of wasting valuable time and money managing client logins? Our automated systems can fix that. They’re easy to set up and offer password reminders, cancellation forms and everything required to allow your customer to troubleshoot login problems. Our database safely stores customer logins so you don’t lose anymore valuable sales to forgotten passwords.

Real Time Hierarchy-Based Reporting

JJS Global’s real-time hierarchy-based reporting provides merchants with the flexibility to manage all of their accounts under a single reporting structure.

Say goodbye to wasting time trying to remember which password goes with which username – you can access all your client profiles in one place and manage your business with ease right here.

WebPay & Hosted Payment Platforms

Our industry-leading software enables you to create payment pages from our site, saving you from trying to wade through endless plugins and coding issues.

You can even redirect your check-out to be PCI compliant and still manage it from here.

Fraud Protection Tools

Running a business comes with a lot of risks, so we’ve set up automatic features to block out customers exhibiting suspicious buying habits. Some of the features include the ability to block credit cards that have been declined twice and check cities, states and area codes for validity against zip codes. You deserve to have the peace of mind that you’re safe from fraud. We’d love to help make that happen.

Chargeback Protection With Chargeback Alerts

Since 2005, our Chargeback Alerts have been stopping chargebacks for merchants who process customer-not-present (CNP) transactions. Our Chargeback Protection provides an automated, secure platform for card issuers and merchants to communicate outside of the payment authorization stream. Our Chargeback Alerts platform significantly saves costs and provides an efficient solution for merchants looking to eliminate the risk of fraud. On the off chance it’s attempted, our systems catch it in time for you to know before the order is shipped.

We provide easy-to-use fraud reports, prevent your exposure to penalties, and are always here to give support for you to solve your issues in a timely manner. This automated solution provides peace of mind, a decrease in revenue loss at the hands of chargebacks, and allows you to focus on what’s really important: running your business.


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