As the Internet of Things continues to grow and drive a more connected world, it is also changing the landscape of the way we do things. The consumer demands are constantly evolving, and this triggers a chain reaction from merchants to the ISVs (Integrated Software Vendor), and then in turn, to the PSPs (Payment Service Provider). ISVs have become accustomed to working very closely with PSPs to ensure that merchants have access to the latest and most robust payment systems.

So, how can ISVs identify the right partner in such a complex and competitive environment? Let us zoom into picking the right PSP:

Streamlining a wide range of payment solutions

While ISV merchant services evolve to cater to the demands of the consumers, payment methods have also branched out greatly into other forms of alternative payments. It is no longer just an AMEX, Visa or Mastercard. Payments can be done via cashless platforms, e-Wallets, bank transfers and even Pay Later installments. Any PSP can offer the traditional payment options, but a good PSP is one which is able to streamline all payments onto a simple, hassle-free platform for you.

Going the Extra Mile

Merchants no longer just want their immediate payment needs to be met, but prefer long term value-added services. Hence why more and more Integrated Software Vendors are becoming processor agnostic. This is a powerful tool and helps merchants tap into the value-added services they have been looking for all under one master umbrella. By partnering with JJS Global you will have access to the right tools which will help your business continue to grow into the future!

Security for Everyone

As scams and fraudulent transactions become more rampant, businesses seek ways to mitigate such unnecessary risks. A good PSP should not only be PCI compliant but also offer additional layers of fraud protection such as point-to-point encryption, tokenization, and secure hosted payment pages. This gives merchants the peace of mind that the data; no matter where or how it is being transmitted, is safe. Thus, allowing the merchant to actually shift their focus on how to grow their business!


Merchants are always looking for new ways to keep their customers coming back for more. Therefore, ISVs need to respond to those individual merchants’ needs by expanding their services. Providing new innovative tools, such as reporting and analytics, coupled with a robust payment platform makes an ISV unstoppable. Having a well-renowned PSP with superior IT teams allows this process to work seamlessly. That’s why partnering with JJS Global is the smart choice.

Why JJS Global?

With so many PSPs in the market, what makes JJS Global different? How does JJS fit the bill as the ideal PSP?

  • With 10 years of experience in payment processing under our belt, we understand the pains of weaving payments into programs that ISVs develop and make it painless for you.
  • Not only do we offer a wide range of payment solutions, we ensure that payment processing is seamless and hassle-free! JJS Global provides a complete business management solution that not only covers in-store but online as well, ensuring that your clients are well covered.
  • Security is our number 1 priority and we do not take any chances against a potential security breach!
  • We believe in constantly innovating our offerings and ensuring that our payment solutions are relevant and current. We go the extra mile to ensure that the client receives customized payment solutions from the ground up.
  • Our ongoing sales, marketing, and technical support give our clients the reassurance that we are with them every step of the way, ensuring that they, in turn, can serve their clients better and increase customer satisfaction.

As the payment landscape continues to evolve rapidly, we cannot stress how important it is for ISVs to develop a strong partnership with PSPs in order to keep up with this ever-changing landscape.

The JJS Global team is always ready to be your solving hand for your payment-related problems. Be hesitation free and Call us at: 224-535-9462 or send a swift email to for a friendly consultation. We can discuss the solution to your problem together.

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