Do you want to eliminate ALL your processing fees IMMEDIATELY?

Credit card processing costs have become a drain on most businesses, leaving merchants wondering if there is a better way to deal with this financial burden.

JJS Global’s Cash Discount Program provides the opportunity to cut merchant fees by over 75% thereby saving thousands of dollars per month.

What is the JJS Global Cash Discount Program?

Our Cash Discount Program puts an end to all of your business processing fees by re-directing these fees to the customer should they choose to pay by credit card. Customers are given the choice of either paying cash, whereby they are afforded a discount by not paying processing fees, or should they choose to pay by credit card, they are responsible to cover the processing fees which can range between 3.5% and 3.99%. Your business, therefore, pays zero processing fees.

JJS Global offers a customized solution with a choice of the following two options:

  1. The customer (cardholder) pays the full credit card payment processing costs, leaving you, the merchant with zero monthly transaction fees.
  2. You (the merchant) shares processing costs with the customer, each having to pay 2% in processing costs.

Furthermore, for merchants in the tip industry, JJS Global offers a Cash Discount rate on the tip amount. Servers can then be charged a percentage of the tips given to them via credit card, or you, the merchant may choose to absorb these fees as monthly transaction costs are considerably decreased.

Benefits of using JJS Global Cash Discount Program

  • Zero or halved processing fees on credit card purchases while still receiving 100% on sale
  • A minimum purchase price is no longer necessary.
  • No longer necessary to increase product or service amounts in order to compensate for any
    loss in transaction fees.
  • Customers receive a 3.95% discount on service charges as an incentive to pay cash or
    in-store gift card.
  • No hidden fees.
  • A decrease in fraud risk.
  • A decrease in chargebacks as this could lead to a decrease in credit card transactions.
  • The program is easily implemented and simple to explain to customers.
  • A fixed monthly rate resulting in time-saving, easy to read statements.

How the JJS Global Cash Discount Program Works

Cash versus Card Payment Example:

A customer buys products to the value of $50. When he/she proceeds to pay, a sign at the teller informs him/her that there will be a 4% service charge for credit card payment. The customer informs the teller that they will be making a cash purchase and are told that they qualify for the 4% cash discount. They proceed to pay the teller $50.


The customer informs the teller that they will be making a credit card payment and will pay the 4% service charge. For the use of this convenience, the customer pays the teller $52. This additional payment by the customer results in the merchant saving on transaction fees.

How Cash Discount Differs from Surcharging

Many people confuse cash discounts with surcharging, however, there is a considerable difference as well as a difference in the legality of use. Whereas cash discount refers to the process whereby a merchant decreases the amount charged for cash purchases, whereas surcharge refers to the process whereby a merchant increases the amount charged for credit card purchases.

Customers always prefer to hear about a possible saving on their part as opposed to an increase.

E-commerce merchants are also able to take advantage of the JJS Global Cash Discount Program by offering an alternative payment method, for example check payments.

We at JJS Global make it our business to provide you with the very best support for your business. Send us an email at or call us today at 224-535-9462 and we will set up a Cash Discount Program while making sure that it suits your individual business needs.

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