With A Merchant Account, You Can Offer Your Customers The Ease, Speed, And Convenience Of Buying From You.

While Retail and MOTO (mail order telephone order) payments are, of course, still a big portion of the payment gateway industry, the growth of ecommerce means a facility to process credit cards is a must.

And it’s no longer good enough for the big banks to discard industries deemed “high-risk”. Retail, tobacco, Nutraceuticals and online coaching, for instance, are growing and need facilities to expand.

Credit cards are as ubiquitous as peanut butter and jelly – they’re on the list of life’s essentials, with 9 out of 10 people using a credit card for online orders.

Even if you’ve been declined by other providers, contact our team as it’s likely JJS Global Merchant Services can assist. If you don’t see your industry listed on this site, contact us anyway. We work on ‘let’s find a way’.

Internet Commerce Merchants

We are a world-leading consulting group for hard-to-acquire and low-risk merchants. We specialize in high-risk credit card processing as well as helping merchants that are searching for a level of service beyond that available from traditional merchant accounts.

Take a look at an indicative list of ecommerce industries we support and submit your application. If your industry isn’t on the list, give us a call and get a taste of our ‘can do’ attitude!

Our PCI Compliant Gateway’s Features & Benefits

Virtual TerminalQuickBooks SyncPay
Recurring BillingMobile Payments
Free Shopping CartBatch Uploads & API Integration
"Buy Now" Button GeneratorsFraud Protection Tools
Email InvoicingVbV & 3DSC
Customer "Vault"AVS & CVV Rule Matching
PCI CertificationLoad Balancing

MOTO – Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchants

Merchants accepting transactions through mail order/telephone order (MoTo), telemarketing, and direct mail campaigns.

Retail Merchants

From the basic Hypercom T7 terminal, to fast IP-enabled terminals, to USB-based computer card readers (with QuickBooks compatibility), and wireless terminals, we can supply the right equipment for your swiped transactions.

Mobile Merchants

We support a broad range of mobile devices, from the iPad to the iPhone, to Androids and BlackBerrys. Please contact an account manager for further details on the most appropriate solution for your business.

Merchant Payment Solutions


Airline Tickets

Antique Collectibles

Car Services



Collection Agencies

Computer Hardware

Debt Consolidation

Downloadable Software

Educational Software

Financial Services


Insurance Brokers

Magazine Subscriptions

Multilevel Marketing

Multimedia Streaming

Satellite TV Repair

Scholarship Programs

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