Offer ACH and Check Processing to Your Customers:

A seamless, Hassle-Free and Reliable Alternative to Credit Cards.

Tens of millions of customers in the USA are “un-bankable”. This means that they do not have the credit required to own a credit card.

But there is no need to turn these customers away.

With ACH and Check processing, you’ll boost sales, speed up collections, cut costs and be better protected against fraud.

Contact one of the team from JJS Global to integrate the most up-to-date check processing systems into your business.

Who Uses Checks?

Some customers simply prefer this method. Others don’t have a credit card.

How Does It Work?

Customers who wish to pay by check simply select the online eCheck option and enter the requested bank account information.

Monies are deducted from your customers’ accounts and deposited into your account.

Your customers will appreciate the option of paying by eCheck. And you’ll love the extra profits when you accept checks online. Add eChecks to increase your processing power today. We have the following check processing options available – consult with an account manager to see which option is best suited for you!

Check21 Processing

The new leader in electronic check processing, complete with fund availability scrubs (to drastically reduce NSF fees!), no middleman processors, for low-risk Fortune 500 companies to higher-risk start-ups, with funds in your checking account in 3 days.

ACH Processing

The perfect solution for hard-to-acquire merchants wishing to accept ACH payments. Telemarketing merchants are allowed! The only viable solution available for adult, direct marketing, non-US (yes, International), digital downloads, hard-to-acquire ecommerce, and Payday Loan merchants!

Demand Draft

Check by Phone software allows merchants from a wide variety of industries to accept checks by phone via the virtual terminal or via fax. Deposits are made into your checking account the same day!

Check Guarantee

This program allows retail US merchants to accept check payments by phone with NO risk of NSF. If the check is processed through our guarantee program, the merchant is never liable for bounced checks. Ask an account manager for more details!

Acceptable Online Industries


Airline Tickets

Antique Collectibles

Car Services



Collection Agencies

Computer Hardware

Debt Consolidation

Downloadable Software

Educational Software

Financial Services

Insurance Brokers

Magazine Subscriptions

Multilevel Marketing

Multimedia Streaming

Satellite TV Repair

Scholarship Programs


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